Mission & Vision

To simplify wellness by flowing with the rhythm and the pure design that God created in nature, so that we may lead a flourishing lifestyle and live our purpose, fully, here on planet earth.


We were miraculously created by God. Our body is a stewardship of God; a gift. Our Creator has loaned us this body. So, are we going to preserve our health or waste it? We believe He has designed everything in nature for our own good and gives us everything that we need to live full, flourishing, and purpose-filled lives.


The standards are high. But the standards aren't heavy because they are only a foundation. We value simplicity, Scripture, wellness, freedom, and God's pure and rhythmic design in Creation. We value organic agriculture, fair-trade and sustainable brands.

Wellness Approach

Forget the diet. You won't find it here! The goal is to flow with the rhythms in nature. Purely Flourish's philosophy is to look at wellness with an ancient perspective. God's simple design in nature is our blueprint to health; which is pure and rhythmic, food that is free from toxins, and unmodified. Purely natural. Whether it be what we eat, drink, wear on our body, clean with, or inhale, it is all being consumed and processed within the body. This is a long-term flourishing lifestyle.


10% of the proceeds generated on this website go to nonprofit organizations that help communities in need have hope for flourishing health. Whether it be pure drinking water, nutrition, supplements, or farming supplies for a hopeful future.


We're all in this together! I started Purely Flourish to create a multi-generational ripple-effect movement of flourishing lives around the world so that in community we can all have the energy and the health we need to live our life purpose, fully.

“In the modern world, we have over-complicated health and nutrition; something the Creator designed to be so simple”

- Maegan Tucker
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