A Simple and Unusual Strategy to Reach Your 2019 Goals

It’s March, and I am purposely publishing this blog post in March instead of December or January like most blogs. Why? Because there are so many of us that become discouraged when we hit a roadblock on the journey toward our new goals and I want to encourage you that it’s never too late to start. In this article you’ll learn a simple and unusual way to reach your 2019 goals.


Wait, what? How am I supposed to crush my goals if I ignore them? I’ll explain it to you but first, read this:

You’re on a road trip and you’re so focused on the destination that you’re missing all of the beautiful things on the way. In today’s hustle hard world, we have become so obsessed with the end-result and checking off the list that our lives are passing by while we look right past the beautiful journey. Imagine if we’d just become aware of those beautiful things on the journey. That would reshape the way we see and live life!

By focusing on the journey, life starts to slow down and we can learn to see the small things and how they add up. Life won’t seem to fly by as fast and we won’t be disappointed at the end of the year, because we weren’t so focused on the goal or the end-result that we finally noticed all of the beautiful things in between. It makes life so sweet.


Here’s your homework. Write down your specific goals for 2019 and underneath that, write down the tiny habits and rhythms you will have to do to reach that goal. Now, scribble out that end-result goal and you will be left with just the habits and rhythms. Focus on those and before you know it, you will most likely be much further along towards your goal then you ever would have been if you were focusing purely on the end-result itself.

For example, instead of focusing on a goal like “Get abs in 2019.” Change it up to focus on the rhythm to get there. Do a 15-minute ab workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Or, instead of “Finish my book in 2019.” Focus on writing 500 words each morning while you sip on some tea. These are some examples of rhythms. Rhythms are intentional rhythmic moments and these daily or weekly or monthly rhythms will get you to your end result without focusing on the goal itself.

We all know our goals; and for a lot of us, if we stare at that list of end-result goals every day, it’s going to overwhelm us and even sometimes prevent us from starting or moving forward.

Rhythms are everywhere in nature. I love looking at creation to find balance. P.S. It’s my goal and mission here at Purely Flourish to encourage people like you to flow with the rhythm and pure design of nature. I talk a lot about wellness, simplicity, and a healthy lifestyle. I would love for you to be a part of this mission!


If you mess up, don’t start over. Keep going where you left off. If you tend to start over or give up for a while when you miss a workout or if you make an unhealthy choice for dinner, you probably have an all or nothing mindset which is a very unhealthy habit. The good news is that you can completely renew your mind. “When neurons fire together, they wire together.” Studies have shown that we can literally rewire the brain. Isn’t our Creator just so awesome?!

Break the script next time you mess up. Instead of giving up or starting over, keep going where you left off. This can help to create a new pathway in your brain and will also help to kill off the old bad habit path your brain used to take. Because… “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” That’s literally true of your brain. This has literally helped me so much!


Don’t forget to celebrate your tiny wins! In the brain, a habit is formed when there is some sort of satisfaction or celebration associated. This will excite you to keep moving forward. Also, celebration creates memorable moments! Celebrate the first 500 words in your book. Have a party when you hit the 10,000-word mark. Even if it’s just a party with your cats. 🙂

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